Definitions for "SHELVES"
Keywords:  ware, kiln, slabs, refractory, inside
Sometimes referred to as plates. Refractory slabs used to support ware inside the kiln. This enables the entire kiln to be utilized.
are flat slabs of special high-temperature materials on which ware is placed inside kilns. (See Furniture, Kiln.)
Clay studio shelves are rather unique. They need to accomidate pottery of varying heights and widths. Shelf units should not have fixed heights. The trick is to build a frame without shelves. The frame should have slots for wareboards to slide into. Check out the "HOW TO" tutorial below: For more information: TUTORIALS SHELVES TUTORIAL
In terms of the lyophilization process, they are a form of heat exchanger, within the chamber, that have a serpentine liquid flow through them, entering one side and flowing to the other side. They are located in the circulation system.
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Shelves are available in two sizes: 20" wide for the lower area and 11" wide for the upper area. The mahogany shelves are finished in clear lacquer and are fully adjustable.
Shelves are permanently mounted on aluminum angle and riveted to the case. Aluminum channel is installed on the front edge or strength and appearance.
Where materials are kept in call number order in the library. See also stacks.