Definitions for "Sheets"
Keywords:  sail, sailboat, corners, ropes, lines
Lines used to control the lateral position and movement of the sails
Ropes attached to bottom corners of sails.
Ropes or chains which extend the lower corners of square sails in the operation of sheeting home.
Keywords:  sewn, folded, ream, resumes, brochures
A term which may be applied to a single sheet, a grade of paper or description of the paper. Example: coated, offset, etc.
Plain or printed paper in the large flat form before folding.
The pages that have been printed but not yet folded, sewn, or gathered together for binding.
Slang for newsletters and journals that break Kayfabe, such as the Torch and Observer, and most internet sites as well.
A handicapping tool assigning a numerical value to each race run by a horse to enable different horses running at different racetracks to be objectively compared.
Keywords:  width, thickness, steel, flat, rolled
Flat rolled steel product with a width of 600mm and a thickness of up to 3mm.
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a collection and