Definitions for "Sheathing"
The casing or covering of a ship's bottom and sides; the materials for such covering; as, copper sheathing.
The first covering of boards on the outside wall of a frame house or on a timber roof; also, the material used for covering; ceiling boards in general.
rough covering of boards, plywood or other panel materials applied to a frame strture to serve as a base for siding, flooring or roofing.
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The outer layer of insulation surrounding an electrical cable or flex.
An outer layer of insulation on an electrical cable or flex.
Inclosing with a sheath; as, the sheathing leaves of grasses; the sheathing stipules of many polygonaceous plants.
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clasping or enveloping the stem.
Wrapping completely around the stem; pertaining to leaves.
A tough material that surrounds the fibres in a harness, to protect them from mechanical damage.
That which sheathes.