Definitions for "Shares"
Shares are listed on the stock exchange, which makes them easy to buy and sell. They are usually issued by a company to raise money. Unlike bonds, which are a straightforward loan, shares give you ownership of part of the company.
Certificate that represents ownership or units of ownership in a corporation and specific rights and claims on assets. Often referred to as stocks or equities.
Documents that represent a percentage of ownership in a company.
Many of our clients, particularly those out of college, or graduate school search for an apartment they can share with one or two people. Some enter into this type of living arrangement out of necessity and others share in hopes of a bigger or better apartment. The latter may find themselves disillusioned, since apartments that are both large and cheap are rare. Landlords often take no more than two names on a lease. Roommates will be held jointly responsible for rent and brokerage fees. If one roommate does not pay his or her portion, the others will be held responsible for payment. We encourage you to create a written agreement amongst all parties involved binding each individual to the terms of the lease and to the fee. In addition, landlords frequently require a lease guarantor even if the combined incomes meet financial requirements: you should discuss this in advance. Search for your home together, for one roommate's palace may be another's dungeon.
When one purchases an apartment in a cooperative building he or she is actually purchasing the shares in the cooperative. They represent the proportion of the building owned by the unit owner based on the size and value of the apartment.
Each apartment in a co-operative actually owns shares in the co-operative (the same way that an individual might own shares in a publicly traded cooperation). These shares represent the proportion of the building that is owned by that individual shareholder. This is determined by the size of the apartment, the floor on which the apartment is located, and if there are any particular special features associated with a particular apartment. Two identical apartments located on different floors will possess a different number of shares.
shares - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
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This concept was developed to calculate Vaccine Fund contribution to immunization services. Each share represents the Vaccine Fund's contribution toward immunizing one child. Countries applying for ISS funding in the first round of applications in 2000 became eligible in 2004 for four years of reward share funding, calculated at $20 based on the actual number of additional children immunized with DTP3.
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The wearing edges on a plough that cut into the soil
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a more market-orientated way of merging the A- and B-share market
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Enter here the number of shares you own. if you bought shares of a specific security at different times and various prices, enter the total number of shares here and enter the average price for the purchases under Buy Price.
a problem for international securities firms
See Securities.
See Security.
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Shared Resources for HF Radio Program
Short for shares of a mutual fund investment. Each investors owns a percentage of a