Definitions for "Shaping"
A procedure by which new behaviors are developed through the use of systematic reinforcement of successive approximations toward the behavioral objective. This is a level I procedure.
an operant conditioning procedure that involves the positive reinforcement of successive approximations of an initially improbable behavior to eventually bring about that behavior. (247)
A strategy of positively reinforcing behaviors that are successively more similar to desired behaviors.
In training, the gradual refining or improvement of a task or movement.
To grow a plant into a definite shape by means of training the laterals or by selective pinching out of the growing tips.
An innate talent to modify certain substances with a mere caress and the intent. The three most common strains are Plant-shaping, in which the Shaper can enhance plant growth and direct it in their manner of choice; Rock-shaping which allows the Shaper to mould Rock like it is little more then clay and Flesh-shaping. Flesh Shapers generally become Healers and can diagnose injuries and repair them without breaking through the skin. All the Shaping skills require extensive training to control, acute concentration and are very rare in the general populace (less then 5% of the population). Rarer Shaping talents are Water Shaping and Air Shaping.
Descriptive of the visual arrangement of planets in a horoscope. Marc Edmund Jones identified seven different patterns: the Bowl, Bucket, Bundle, Locomotive, See-Saw, Splash and Splay. Each shaping type is linked to specific astrological conditions and a particular interpretational focus. See individual listings. shaping is also referred to as planetary pictures and planetary patterns.
forming or capable of forming or molding; "a formative influence"; "a formative experience"
To reduce or eliminate large air bubbles when shaping loaves, roll out your dough into a rectangle size of approximately 9 inches X 12 inches. From the 9 inch end, roll up the dough, jelly-roll style, sealing dough with your hand after each rotational turn. Bread loaves may be baked free-form on a greased baking sheet or a pizza stone, sprinkled with cornmeal. Cornmeal will prevent the bread dough from sticking to the pizza stone. (see baking stone, see mold)
Splitting up a net transaction into smaller net transactions if the cash amount of the original transaction has exceeded a certain limit. Shaping simplifies the processing of payments.
Decreasing the amount of bandwidth an application is allowed to use and slowing the download time. See Throttling.
Shaping refers to the slowing of your Internet connection speed to normal 'modem speed', to around the speed of a 56k dial up connection. If you have a flat rate broadband plan, shaping will only occur if you have exceeded your monthly download allowance. Although your Internet connection speed will decrease when you are shaped, you will still have full access to the Internet. Once shaped, you remain at modem speed until the next month rolls over.
The process of creating a decorative edge on a workpiece. The term shaping can be applied to operations performed on a shaper, molder, lathe, router or virtually any tool used to create such an edge or surface.
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a base work of TOGI
The scheduling and operation of generating resources to meet seasonal and hourly load variations.
The scheduling and operation of generating resources to meet changing load levels. Load shaping on a hydro system usually involves the adjustment of water releases from reservoirs so that generation and load are continuously in balance.
See traffic shaping.
A PacketWise bandwidth management feature that improves upon default bandwidth allocation by enforcing policies on traffic flows and partitions on aggregate flows in a traffic class.
In our context, it can be thought of as the process of combining one or more data vectors to create a feature vector. The attributes of a feature vector with a key k are derived in part from all the data vectors with foreign key k. Shaping may be described by the Data Transformation and Extraction Markup Language (DXML), through transformation libraries, or related methods.
The process of presenting a cursive script text with characters properly shaped as initial, middle, final or isolated shape, according to their context. See Common Naming for Layout Values and Common Naming for Layout Values .
Using a Russian word Female body-building but not to build muscles - to shape the body in a feminine, attractive way. They have special programs for each body part, to bring it to the ideal shape.
Shearing a plant, usually to create rounded or mounded form
The term used to describe the process of shaping a piece of knitted fabric whilst knitting. The process involves adding stitches (increasing) or removing stitches (decreasing)
any process serving to define the shape of something
the fabrication of something in a particular shape