Definitions for "Shannon"
a unit of information content used in information and communications theory. The definition is based on the idea that less-likely messages are more informative than more-likely ones (for example, if a volcano rarely erupts, then a message that it is erupting is more informative than a message it is not erupting). If a message has probability of being received, then its information content is -log2 shannons. For example, if the message consists of 10 letters, and all strings of 10 letters are equally likely, then the probablity of a particular message is 1/2610 and the information content of the message is 10(log2 26) = 47.004 shannons. This unit was originally called the bit [2], because when the message is a bit string and all strings are equally likely, then the information content turns out to equal the number of bits. One shannon equals log10 2 = 0.301 030 hartley or loge 2 = 0.693 147 nat. The unit is named for the American mathematician Claude Shannon (1916-2001), the founder of information theory.
United States electrical engineer who pioneered mathematical communication theory (1916-2001)
see Claude Shannon
Shannon (1941-1955) was an Australian Hall of Fame thoroughbred racehorse. Sired by Midstream from the mare Idle Words, he was owned and trained by Peter Riddle who paid £367 for him as a yearling.
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Shannon was also an alias used by singer Marty Wilde.
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algorithm: See the Wetherall/Shannon algorithm.
a river in western Ireland that flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
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an old pal from San Francisco