Definitions for "Shaman"
Keywords:  healer, trance, priest, spirit, tribal
A priest of Shamanism; a wizard among the Shamanists.
Priest who channels spirits for his or her religious community.
A healer-priest who communicates with the spirit world, often in a trance. Such priests were found among medieval Balkan Vlachs. (Fine, John V.A. Jr. The Late Medieval Balkans, 626)
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a fighter mage, he does not have the luxury of always standing at the back of a battle, and thus, this spell is immensely useful
Shaman are not good military units, but after the battle they take huge amounts of land.You can only have 1 shaman per town center. Inca specialist unit. Attack Points Defense Points Months to train 10 Required to train 1000 gold Land taken 500 Upkeep food Upkeep gold 50
Keywords:  eliade, mercia, ecstasy, 'master
a 'Master of Ecstasy' (Mercia Eliade)
Shaman is a generic server platform for Distant Learning. It relies on Cocoon 2 and WebDAV, and integrates highly customizable Content Management and Workflow features.
Keywords:  muuzo, sen, confront, shadows, greatest
a person who is willing to confront the greatest fears and shadows of physical life
a person who performs ceremonies
a very important person to the Sen-Muuzo
An individual capable of many psychic and mediumship skills, either a natural born characteristic or can be earned through many difficult initiations.
The Shaman's Crucible Great spell lists and skill info. Playing and tactic guides.
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a warrior, a hunter
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see angatkut.
Shaman is a fictional character, a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe and a member of Alpha Flight.
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a hybrid, and like any caster or hybrid (except Paladins who can't use it) this is an excellent weapon
The Shaman is a character class in the Dungeons & Dragons 3.0 edition that was introduced in the Oriental Adventures campaign supplement.
a conscious being who is able to disengage itself from a limited perspective that is forced upon it through a life long identification with a particular human body
a woman who is allegedly the mediator between the deities and human beings
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a very chance dps class and not all that reliable
Keywords:  techniques, practices, woman, man
a woman or a man who practices such techniques
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a good addition to any group