Definitions for "Shallot "
Keywords:  onion, allium, garlic, papery, clove
A small kind of onion (Allium Ascalonicum) growing in clusters, and ready for gathering in spring; a scallion, or eschalot.
a member of the onion family, with a garlic-like head consisting of several cloves. Its flavour is milder than other onions.
An onion with multiple cloves that resemble garlic. The papery skin that covers the bulbs ranges in color from beige to purple and should be removed. Shallots and onions can be used interchangeably.
Keywords:  playback, unlike, remote, able, media
Shallot is a server-based audio file manager and player. Unlike most remote media managers, it plays audio through the server and not the client. The clients are able to control playback and manage the media library.