Definitions for "Shadows"
Indistinct image patterns that appear as solids or reverse prints, typically caused by poor ink distribution, plate inconsistency, substrate thickness, and/or poor base ink formulation.
The darkest area of a reproduction. Represented in a halftone by the largest dots.
Areas of an original image or reproduction with the largest printing dots and/or the greatest density. On a printed sheet, the area with maximum ink coverage.
temporary frames arranged upside-down on a building board. Shadows are used during hull planking and are later removed.
Shadows was a series of anthologies edited by Charles L. Grant, published by Doubleday, later Avon. Grant, a proponent of "quiet horror", initiated the series in order to offer readers a showcase of this kind of fiction.
"Shadows" was the sixth episode of the first season of The X-Files science-fiction television series created by Chris Carter. It dealt with the ideas of spirit hauntings.
Shadows is Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot's 15th original album, released in 1982 on the Warner Brothers Records label. It peaked at #87 on the Billboard charts.
Shadows is Spy Glass Blue's first full-length studio album. It was first released in May, 1996 on Pinnacle Records. Its second release was in September, 1997 on Organic Records.
Shadows is a real-time 3D adventure/role playing game with very light role playing elements. The action will be very fast paced and battle will be done in real time. The game will be desiged around its gameplay.
Area in the scene where a light is blocked by models. Directional lights cast shadows; ambient lights do not.
Aladdin 4D objects do not normally cast shadows! Under most circumstances this is not noticeable, and you save the extra calculation time. But if you just have to have shadows cast by objects, there are several things you have to do: In the Attributes list of your shadow-caster, you have to check Cast Shadows (and maybe Self Shadows) In the Attributes list of the objects that will be shadowed, you have to check Receive Shadows. If you are using local lights, the local light must be set to Cast Shadows. Finally, in the Render Settings, the permission flag must be set for Shadows.
An apparition appearing as a flickering black or smoky gray mass of any size or shape. Often seen out of the corner of the eye before disappearing completely or may be caught on film.
This article is about the 1959 film. For other meanings, see shadow (disambiguation).
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The three sectors of the yard from where only an oblique shot at goal is possible.
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The thin lines above and below the real body on a candlestick line.
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Shaded areas in a drawing
When drawing/painting shadows of trees along a pond for example, shadows always run across the water. (See "reflections")
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The extreme price movement outside the body of a candle creates the shadows. The lower shadow extends from the bottom of the body to the low price of the day. The upper shadow extends from the top of the body to the high price of the day.