Definitions for "SHADOW ZONE"
A zone 105° to 142° from the epicenter of an earthquake in which there is no penetration of seismic waves through the Earth because of wave refraction or because the waves are not transmitted upon entering the liquid core.
An area where there is very little or no direct reception of seismic waves from a given earthquake because of refraction of the waves in Earth's core. The shadow zone for P waves is between about 105 and 142 degrees from the epicenter.
a zone at some distance from the epicenter of an earthquake which does not receive direct seismic waves due to refraction at a boundary where the seismic velocity of materials present decreases downwards across the boundary (e.g. in the Earth, the core mantle boundary at 2900 km depth causes a shadow zone from 103 to 142° away from the epicenter).
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