Definitions for "Sexual Identity"
How one sees tbemselves physically: male, female or in-between (spectrum). f someone is born female, but wishes to see their body as male in all respects, their sexual identity is male. It is rude to speak of such a person as female, since it denies their right to inhabit the social and physical role of their choosing.
A person's acknowledgment of their sexual orientation; heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.
This is what we call ourselves. Such labels include "lesbian, "gay, "bisexual, "bi, "queer, "questioning, "undecided, "undetermined, "heterosexual, "straight, "asexual, and others. Sexual identity evolves through a multi-stage developmental process that has been charted by a number of researchers. This progression varies in intensity and duration depending on the individual. Our sexual behavior and how we define ourselves (our identity) can be chosen. Though some people claim their sexual orientation is also a choice, for others, this does not seem to be the case.
How a person thinks of himself or herself in terms of who he or she finds sexually and romantically attractive.