Definitions for "Sexual"
having or involving sex; "sexual reproduction"; "sexual spores"
reproduction of a male and a female of that species
reproduction involving the union of female and male gametes to form a zygote
Of or pertaining to sex, or the sexes; distinguishing sex; peculiar to the distinction and office of male or female; relating to the distinctive genital organs of the sexes; proceeding from, or based upon, sex; as, sexual characteristics; sexual intercourse, connection, or commerce; sexual desire; sexual diseases; sexual generation.
of or relating to or characterized by sexuality; "sexual orientation"; "sexual distinctions"
involved in a sexual relationship; "the intimate (or sexual) relations between husband and wife"; "she had been intimate with many men"
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Often: Incorrect using Sexy (Russian word "sexual" does not have that strong meaning)
characterized by or having the qualities of sex; the opposite is asexual
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