Definitions for "sEx "
The distinguishing peculiarity of male or female in both animals and plants; the physical difference between male and female; the assemblage of properties or qualities by which male is distinguished from female.
One of the two divisions of organic beings formed on the distinction of male and female.
Sociologists use the term "sex" to refer to the biological statuses "male," "female," and "intersexed" and to differentiate sex from gender, as a system of social organization that influences how we occupy the social categories "men" and "women."
any process recombining genes from more than a single source to form a single being
Term applied to any organism able to undergo sexual reproduction in order to differentiate the individuals or type involved. Sexual reproduction is defined as the ability to exchange genetic material with the potential of recombinant progeny [MGED Ontology Definition
Many questions remain concerning how, and when, sex entered the doll games, which evolved from the innocent sensuality of the archaic Kiddle era to the orgiastic excess of the late decadent "nasty" games in a matter of 5 or 6 years. Clay parts were no doubt a turning point in this journey; unfortunately, none of the original breasts or penises remain to assist efforts to date their production. (see Clay Parts) Of particular concern to hagiographers is whether the introduction of clay parts, and therefore sexual intercourse, pre-dated the Death of Laurie, as it cannot at present be definitively proven that Doll Games’ "virgin prince" ended his life in a state of purity.
On its own often means vaginal intercourse.
When two people choose to give each other pleasure by touching, kissing and rubbing one another's bodies, particularly the genitals. Sexual intercourse occurs when a man's penis is inserted into a woman's vagina, while penetrative sex can include anal as well as vaginal sex. When a person kisses or licks another person's genitals, it's called oral sex. Any sexual activity that is forced on someone against her (or his) will is considered sexual assault and is against the law. Slang: making love, having sex, doing it. Slang for oral sex: blow job, going down.
SEX was a boutique run by Malcolm Mc Laren & Vivienne Westwood at 430 King's Road, London. It first began when Malcolm Mc Laren opened at what was called Paradise Garage, which had a small shop behind it where Mclaren sold records and eventually Teddy Boy clothes: this evolved into his own store, which he ran with Vivienne Westwood, called Let it Rock, selling Teddy Boy clothes. They later moved further down the road to open a rubber and leather fetish wear store which they named SEX.
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Stash Enrichment eXpedition
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Sexual Harassment
sEx is a wrapper for compression and diskimage utilities. It let you use one single command to list and extract 32 different fileformats using the same output format and options.
all of the feelings resulting from the urge to gratify sexual impulses; "he wanted a better sex life"; "the film contained no sex or violence"
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The only activity in the world that makes reasonable, secure people have thoughts like "Does darkness make me look fat?"
Sex is a 1926 play, written by, and starring, Mae West. It was very popular for about a year before the New York Police Department raided West and her company, charging them with obscenity, despite the fact that 325,000 people had watched it, including members of the police department and their wives, judges of the criminal courts, and seven members of the district attorney’s staff.
The capability in plants of fertilizing or of being fertilized; as, staminate and pistillate flowers are of opposite sexes.
"Sex" is the second single from German industrial metal group OOMPH! off of Sperm.
All forms of discrimination based on sex, e.g. pay-related, are contrary to EU principles. (See EU citizenship, Fundamental rights)
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This topic is definitely outside the scope of the present glossary, sorry.
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State data center (SDC) Summary File 4 (SF 4)
Genital contact between individuals which involves contact with a partner's vagina, penis or anus.
Can be defined as penetration but usually also includes other sex or love-making activities e.g. touching genitals with hands or mouth etc.
Genital contact between individuals; penetration of the anus, vagina or mouth by the penis; oral stimulation of the penis, vagina or anus.
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(sex)...(n.),(v.)...something musicians rarely get due to those late night load ins (for those with partners) or lack of financial means (for those without).
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tell the sex (of young chickens)
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Complementary form or division; one of the Sexes.
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(latin) the number six
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One of the groups founded on this distinction.