Definitions for "Severity"
Gravity or austerity; extreme strictness; rigor; harshness; as, the severity of a reprimand or a reproof; severity of discipline or government; severity of penalties.
Harshness; cruel treatment; sharpness of punishment; as, severity practiced on prisoners of war.
Exactness; rigorousness; strictness; as, the severity of a test.
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the quantity of damage, or the quantity of a damaging agent, affecting sample entities within a sampling unit. It is a damage-rating measurement, (an average) that considers only affected entities and is damage type or agent specific. Severity cannot be applied at the stand level. The terms intensity, yield/growth effects, or impacts should be applied at the stand or higher levels.
The degree of impact that a defect has on the development or operation of a component or system.
This value quantifies the impact of a defect on functionality with 1 being most severe to 5 being least severe. For example, severity 1 generally means that a defect caused an loss of functionality without a workaround where severity 5 generally means that the impact is superficial and did not cause any major disruptions to functionality.
The seriousness of the effects of a hazard.
The seriousness of a hazard (if not properly controlled). (5)
The seriousness of the effect(s) of a hazard.
The main indices of severity are the depth and duration of coma - assessed using the GLASGOW COMA SCALE (qv) - and duration of POST-TRAUMATIC AMNESIA (qv). Where there is a need for an intracranial operation, that in itself suggests that the injury was serious. (See also Appendices 3 and 4.)
How bad or serious a disease is. In asthma, severity is generally broken up into four categories: mild intermittent, mild persistent, moderate persistent, and severe persistent. (Some experts also include a category for "severe intermittent" for those unusual people who most of the time have no asthma symptoms at all but occasionally have very serious or life-threatening asthma episodes.) Just as we do not know what causes asthma, we do not understand why individuals differ so much one from another in asthma severity.
The consequences of a failure mode. Severity considers the worst potential consequences of a failure, determined by the degree of injury.
See: criticality.
Severity is an issue classification option that is complimentary with "priority". Whereas a P1 priority indicates the time sensitivity for resolving the issue, "severity" indicates the "criticalness" of the issue, the extent to which its non-resolution could result in a serious bottleneck, etc.
Severity is a mechanism by which we associate the critical nature of any object handled by QEngine.
The quality or power of distressing or paining; extreme degree; extremity; intensity; inclemency; as, the severity of pain or anguish; the severity of cold or heat; the severity of the winter.
used of the degree of something undesirable e.g. pain or weather
something hard to endure; "the asperity of northern winters"
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Severity will be built upon id Software's Quake 3 engine and will blend many different FPS gameplay styles, separating them as individual game-modes. A closed beta for affiliated professional gamers will be followed by a public beta prior to a commercial launch.
The size of a loss. Severity is one of the criteria used by insurance companies to calculate premiums rates.
Size of a loss. One of the criteria used in calculating premiums rates.
The severity field in the Filtered Warnings Application allows a WARP operator to choose High, Medium and Low severity for a Warning or Advisory. The interpretation of each level is left to the WARP operator as it will depend on the community being served.
A percent representing the dollar amount of loss resulting from liquidating a defaulted mortgage loan, divided by the principal balance of the loan at the time of default.
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The quality or state of being severe.
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see: Fire Severity