Definitions for "Settlements"
Israeli communities in the disputed West Bank area.
The stolen land. Jews-only garrison villages built on violently confiscated Palestinian land. The purpose of the settlements is to make a permanent claim to the land, and impede the formation of a Palestinian State. These garrison villages always appear on Israeli maps, whereas the Palestinian villages whose land was confiscated for the same settlements disappear from the maps.
communities Israeli communities built after the Six Day War (1967) in Judah, Samaria and Gaza and which became the topic of a struggle for legitimacy of the Israeli nation to build its country. The Israeli extreme left parties completely repudiate the settlements. The Labor Party adopted this position with the inception of the Oslo Process. The right-wing parties continually supported the reinforcement of the Jewish settlements in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The subject turned into a political and international diplomacy struggle and the Palestinian Authority fought against the settlements, presenting them as an occupation.
The FLSA provides two and only two mechanisms for an employee and employer to enter into a "binding" settlement of FLSA claims. One is to settle a matter under the "supervision" of the U.S. Department of Labor. The other is to settle a matter in the course of litigation. A settlement made with DOL supervision, or in litigation, will be binding, and operates as a waiver of additional claims by the employee.
Charges settled with benefits to the charging party as warranted by evidence of record. In such cases, EEOC and/or a Fair Employment Practices Agency is a party to the settlement agreement between the charging party and the respondent (an employer, union, or other entity covered by EEOC-enforced statutes).
The compensation a local exchange carrier receives from a pool or other revenue sharing agreement.
Agreements among the parties to lawsuits to end the suits without trial; usually the plaintiff agrees to drop the lawsuit for a fixed sum of monetary damages paid by the defendant.
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