Definitions for "Setting"
Keywords:  narrative, drama, scenery, story, novel
Something set in, or inserted.
the time, place, and circumstances in which an event (real or fictional) occurs; as, the setting of a novel.
The place in which a drama occurs.
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The act of one who, or that which, sets; as, the setting of type, or of gems; the setting of the sun; the setting (hardening) of moist plaster of Paris; the setting (set) of a current.
That in which something, as a gem, is set; as, the gold setting of a jeweled pin.
A mounting or the portion of a mounting which actually holds the stone. A great example of a ring that is assembled of settings and a fine shank in platinum is the Andrew Art ring in platinum.
Keywords:  quilt, forty, block, arranged, sewn
the arrangement of blocks in a quilt top
the arrangement of completed blocks forming the quilt top. Blocks can be set side by side, or on point, like diamonds, with or without sashing. Arrangements can also vary with certain asymmetrical block patterns.
Setting refers to the way quilt blocks are sewn together to form a quilt top. Most settings are either straight set where the blocks are sewn together in rows or on point where the blocks are sewn together at a forty-five degree angle to the vertical.
This term is often used about runner beans and other seed-bearing crops, such as apples. When fruit appears on a plant, it is referred to as setting. For fruit to set, it needs to be pollinated (unless it is a self-pollinating variety), usually by insects, although corn, for example is wind-pollinated. Some fruit requires three different contributors to the mix, for example, the so-called Triploid varieties of apple, although most only require a single partner (which may need to be of a different variety in the case of tree fruit). It is believed that runner beans also require a cool, moist root run to aid pollination.
The development of seeds or fruit after pollination.
A notation on the transport document, known as a bill of lading in the case of ocean carriage, stating the temperature at which the cargo must be maintained. This term is most commonly used in relation to a refrigerated container. Also known as air delivery temperature.
An artfully composed transliteration from a parent language into C-1 using musical notation, including any accompanying tropes.
Sometime used as a synonym for Composing, but more usually to describe the resulting printed text.
The act of marking the position of game, as a setter does; also, hunting with a setter.
Process of bringing the hands of a watch or clock to the position corresponding to the exact time.
the positions to which the variable elements in Enigma machine were set. These included selection, of wheels, wheel order, wheel position and plug-board connections
Physical Properties and Testing Process by which an adhesive develops its cohesive strength and thus the physical and chemical properties of its bond.
quality of integrity applying to the physical environment of a historic property.
the physical position of something; "he changed the setting on the thermostat"
The act of observing the situation of any distant object by the compass.
the state of the environment in which a situation exists; "you can't do that in a university setting"
Just when you thought the counting system of badminton was a masterpiece of simplicity, you get situations that seem like tennis
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a clutch of eggs
A group of hatching eggs in an incubator or under a hen; the incubation of eggs by a hen (called "sitting" by some).
see Pupil grouping.
The organising of pupils into ability groups for particular subjects.
Putting pupils into different groups for a particular subject according to their ability in that subject.
The selected options for the compiler, debugger, linker, and other MSDS components. These selections are stored in a configuration.
a key/value pair that an application or component (e
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Specific genre rules plus information on the background of the specific game.
In general, the fictional game-world within which a game is set. Within Ron Edwards' Big Model this is one of the five components of Exploration.
the general environmental milieu or context in which operant action and learning occurs; part of the program in the operant behavioral equation denoting the "where" and "when" of instruction.
Importance of the context in which drugs are used in determining risks relating to the use of the substance: for example, it is safer to inhale drugs outdoors rather than indoors.
the location of a scene or of a film
The location of the sitter in the painting; the stage for the scene.
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For good tuft definition, yarns are twisted and then 'set' with heat to hold the twist's shape.
A process used to fix the twist in yarns when they are to be used in cut pile textures requiring good tuft definition.
Keywords:  tad, lower, two
a tad lower than on the other two
The refractory insulation on the inside of the beater box.
stereotypes suspense symbol technical climax
Keywords:  fiddle, lever, sliding, scale, ring
a bit of a fiddle, involving pulling up on the speed ring lever and sliding a scale around
Keywords:  ranch, rainfall, sheep, placement, unit
See cutting unit.
a sheep ranch in the United States
a specific unit at a specific site, and is defined by combining site- based information (such as unit size, and unit placement) with variable environmental information (such as rainfall and exposure rates) generated from regional and national data
The chemical reaction that occurs after the addition of water to a cementitious mixture, resulting in a gradual development of rigidity.
Keywords:  pump, vertical, jet, distance, well
Pumps: vertical distance in feet from the top of the well to the top of the pump.
The vertical distance from the level at which the discharge pipe leaves the well to the bottom of the pump or jet assembly in the well.
(of a heavenly body) disappearing below the horizon; "the setting sun"
Phase in the vine's life cycle when the formation of the berries begins after fertilisation.
Keywords:  skidded, yarded, landing, area, one
The area yarded or skidded to one landing.
name for all of the processing parameters in Media Cleaner's Advanced Settings window. Settings can be saved, modified, deleted, etc.
Keywords:  spike, teammate, self, enable, move
A high pass by one player to a teammate or to self to enable a spike on the next move.
Keywords:  tied, win, score, necessary, men
increasing by 2 the points necessary to win when the score is tied at 14 (men) or 10 (women)
Keywords:  row, array, database, table
a row in an array or database table
a combination of things that describe the world in which their characters will exist
Keywords:  string, unique, identified, value, name
a string value identified by a name, which is also a (unique) string