Definitions for "Sets"
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SETS (Stock Exchange Electronic Trading System): Otherwise known as "The Order Book" this is an electronic trading system that matches buy and sell orders at the best available price. London Stock Exchange member firms enter bid or offer orders into the system which then displays them to all members. Member firms can see the number of orders at different prices in the market allowing them to build up a picture of what the market is doing. Not all trades in SETS listed stocks are executed through the system. They might be traded "off exchange" between two counterparties. However, SETS establishes the benchmark for pricing of the shares, with around 75% of trades in SETS stocks being done at the order book price.
Stock Electronic Trading Service. The order driven system used to trade FTSE 100, ex-FTSE 100 and reserve shares.
Stock Exchange Electronic Trading System. An automated trading system introduced onto the LSE in 1997 that matches buyers and sellers without the need for physical mediation.
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A group of reps; as in one set of 12 reps.
these are a fixed number of reps, for example when asked to do 2 sets of sit-ups then you would do 2 x 10 sit-ups if 10 was the amount of reps you do.
a collection of reps done continuously, for example 40 reps of 135 lbs lifted might be a set.
A set is a collection of repetitions that culminates in the muscle reaching muscular failure. Muscular failure is the point, due to a buildup of lactic acid in the muscle, it becomes impossible to perform another repetition with good form.
A group of a specific number of repetitions of a particular exercise.
A number of repetitions performed without any rest. (e.g. one set of ten repetitions or 1 x 10).
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SETS is the internal system developed by Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) for tracking case establishment, case management and financial management of both child and spousal support cases in the State of Ohio. SETS is being designed pursuant to federal requirements outlined in the Family Support Act of 1988, PRWORA96 and other federal and state statutory and regulatory articles.
Support Enforcement Tracking System. A statewide computerized tracking management system which manages, through automation, the child support cases for the CSEAs and the program services provided.
Site Enforcement Tracking System. EPA database of Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs).
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These are immature onion bulbs that have specially grown for planting. They mature quicker than seeds Not attacked by mildew or onion fly Can run to seed easier ( bolting). Heat treated sets are less likely to bolt Cost more than seed
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A group of repititions, as in one set of 12 repititions.
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a real challenge, and you pay dearly for them
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a place where traps and snares are set to catch animals
A multi-volume work. It is a sequence of books that is expected to end with a finite number of volumes. In contrast, a series is a sequence that can theoretically go on indefinitely, but whose individual volumes have their own titles.
Postcards published in a group of 4, 6, 7, 8, or 12. These were sold in packets or individually. Examples are: days of the week or months of the year.
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A unit of beef casings ready for sale in salted form, consisting of 18-30 meters for beef rounds and 9-18 meters for beef middles.
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An entry attribute providing a list of parameters which are modified by a call to this entry, to aid in optimization. (see USES.)
Secondary Education Transition Study
Synchronous equipment timing source
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A collection of elements.