Definitions for "Sessions"
Most people will know that Cookies are more than sweet things with chips of chocolate in them sent to make us fat. They're also a way for websites to store temporary information in our browsers so that they can 'remember' things about us. Most cookies are simple things that you would never know were there. A simple one being a cookie that remembers if a surfer has been to your website in the past 24 hours. But did you know that cookies are not 100% reliable. Today I learnt about SESSIONS in the programming language PHP. And I thought that they were worth mentioning here. Sessions are very much like Cookies but with one major difference: the information is NOT stored on the users computer, it's stored on the SERVER (webspace) where the website you're looking at lives. This is 99% reliable because it works just like cookies but is not dependant on the surfer allowing cookies and it's exempt from other problems know to plague cookies. Chances are that you've used sessions already at a website you've logged into, or bought something from.
A Session is a record of one visitor browsing through your site, with an entry page, paths and also exit page. Short sessions would indicate that your site is not very targeted and extremely long sessions would indicate that the customers could not find what they were looking for.
A logical connection created between two hosts to exchange data. Typically, sessions use sequencing and acknowledgments to send data reliably.
Normally, each Congress consists of two sessions, with each usually beginning in January and ending when Congress adjourns for the year.
The academic periods within which courses are scheduled to begin and end. Sessions include the regular academic year (September to April), first semester (September to December), second semester (January to April), intersession (May and June), and summer session (July and August.)
United States composer who promoted 20th century music (1896-1985)
After a lull in popularity at the start of the decade, the sport was on the verge of explosion. At the same time, the underground music scene percolated with the anti-establishment, youth-oriented message that would change the face of American culture.
Courts presided over by Justices of the Peace where misdemeanours were tried. In the London area these met eight times a year. In most of the rest of the country they met four times a year and were called Quarter Sessions.
Discrete portion of a training programme dedicated to a delineated topic: can be a lecture, exercise or any other type of delivery.
period during which a participant maintains dialog on a terminal
The number of users that have visited your website in a given period of time using their browser, usually 30 minutes. Also called Visits.