Definitions for "Sesame seeds"
Keywords:  nutty, halvah, roasted, garnish, stir
Tiny, flat brown seeds with a nutty flavor, which are used in breads, pastries, cakes, and cookies, and are an essential component of the Middle Eastern delicacy, Halvah.
seed of the sesame plant. The white seeds are favorable to the dark seeds. When roasted, they impart a nutty taste and aroma. Popular in sweets and spicy rice preparations.
Pearly flat seeds with a mild nutty flavor. Add to stir fries and bread; use as a garnish for chicken, fish, and vegetables.
Insect filth( MPM-V32) Average of 5% or more seeds by weight are insect-infested or damaged Mold( MPM-V32) Average of 5% or more seeds by weight are decomposed Mammalian excreta ( MPM-V32) Average of 5 mg or more mammalian excreta per found Foreign matter( MPM-V32) Average of 0.5% or more foreign matter by weight DEFECT SOURCE: Insect infested - preharvest and/or post harvest and/or processing infestation, Mold - preharvest infection, Mammalian excreta - post harvest and/or processing animal contamination, Foreign matter - post processing and/or processing contamination SIGNIFICANCE: Aesthetic