Definitions for "Servlet"
Keywords:  java, applet, jsp, ejb, javax
A small, platform-independent Java program without a graphical user interface that can extend the functionality of a Web server in a number of ways.
A Java program that extends the functionality of a web server, generating dynamic content and interacting with web clients using a request-response paradigm.
A servlet is a small Java program that runs on a server (as opposed to a Java applet that the server downloads to run on a Web client computer). With a servlet manager such as JRun or Jserv, a Web server such as Microsoft Internet Information Server can run a servlet. In DBPanacea, the servlet acts as an interface between the Web server and FormProcessor.
Keywords:  webkit, webware, subclass
a subclass of Webware's WebKit
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a computer program that can accept a method name as an input parameter and deliver a corresponding action for a specific object
an executable program that is capable of performing the set of operations defined for a specific Disseminator Type (identified by the URN of a stored Signature)
a program that accepts an input and calculates a result
Keywords:  compiled, version, class
The compiled (.class) version of the servlet
a module that implements the behaviors (methods) described by a signature, in a specific setting
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session layer SET