Definitions for "SERVICING FEE"
The amount retained by the mortgage servicer from monthly interest payments made on a mortgage loan.
For all Servicing Retained Sellers, the Servicing Fee on each loan must be at least the minimum required based on the following: Conforming ARMâ€(tm)s: 37.5 bps Non-conforming ARMâ€(tm)s: 25.0 bps Conforming Hybrids: 25.0 bps, stepping up to 37.5 bps after the first interest adjustment date. Non-conforming Hybrids: 25.0 bps Servicing fees may be higher than these minimums but not lower.
The payment made by the borrower to the lender who originally made the loan for servicing the loan. Usually one-eighth to one-half percent of the outstanding loan balance.