Definitions for "Service bureau"
A business that takes digital files and runs them through imagesetters to produce negatives or veloxes and make scans and proofs. Some service bureaus also do trapping and imposition.
A business which specializes in such jobs as scanning high-resolution images, performing retouching and COLOR CORRECTION, printing files to film using an IMAGESETTER, making PROOFS, and other tasks related to producing the materials necessary to print a job on a printing press. Service bureaus are usually intermediaries between an advertising or design firm and a printer. The service bureau invests in the high-cost equipment, such as DRUM SCANNERS and imagesetters, that it is not practical for a design firm to purchase; and the service bureau has a staff of technicians with extensive training in printing requirements, color reproduction, film handling, color correction, retouching, and other specialized tasks. High-end service bureaus such as Dimension, with extensive experience in complex or demanding jobs, are sometimes called "trade shops."
An organization that provides specialized graphics services to printers. Service bureaus often provide color separations, color keys, etc.
an outside company that receives your information via fax or other means then converts it to EDI for transmission to your trading partner
A commercial service providing data storage, reporting and telecommunications links. Also a third-party supplier of EDI services.
Agencies that assist pharmacies with data management by processing data or providing software for both chain and independent pharmacies. Per-Se contracts with agencies to receive data on a scheduled basis. See Data Supplier.
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a business that makes its facilities available to others for a fee; achieves economy of scale
a business which provides computer services to those who do not own a computer
a privately owned entity set up with the consent of the Registrar of Companies and Businesses to file BizFile transactions on behalf of walk-in members of public
A data processing utility that provides processing capability, normally for specialized processing, such as payroll.
A commercial service that specializes in printing desktop publishing files
a company specializing in such computer services as mail list management and merge/purge operations.
A company that processes data
a company that acts as a point of entry for consumers wishing to purchase information or entertainment over the phone
A company that handles inbound or outbound calls for another organisation.
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a call centre for hire, or an outsourcer
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A company who houses and maintains lists for third parties. Also known as a Computer House.