Definitions for "Service agreement"
A Service Agreement is the contract/agreement a user enters to with the mobile phone operator. Service agreements usually include a monthly fee and free minutes, depending on the tariff chosen.
Your HP Smart Printing Services Agreement includes the following: hardware, break/fix service, preventative maintenance, network installation, and a guaranteed quantity of toner cartridges. This is the contract governing your relationship with HP.
a business contract or agreement with a service provider to use its service for a period of time. The contract typically outlines the services provided and the costs of the services including a monthly base rate (with included minutes) and per-minute charges for minutes over the monthly maximum. In return for your commitment, a service provider will generally subsidize the initial cost of a cell phone.
The casework document developed between the CPS caseworker and the family that outlines the tasks necessary to achieve goals and outcomes necessary for risk reduction.
an additional guarantee of a long-lasting, fully functional sectional overhead door
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a plan offered by a fuel oil company to provide both oil on an automatic basis and service to heating equipment for a pre-set period of time