Definitions for "Server Side"
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Server Side is ment to add easy v-hosting abilities along with a very complete set of webbased tools for configuring, working with, and monitoring of server. All on a webbased platform.
A server-side execution is a specialised Web server execution that goes beyond the standard HTTP methods it must support. For example, CGI scripts use special server-side tags embedded in HTML pages; these tags trigger actions to occur or programs to execute.
Server Side means that the code/script/program executes on the server. Examples of server-side scripts are PHP, CGI and Perl. Non-server-side scripting languages (or client side as they are also known) include JavaScript and VBScript. Open
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The web server. The remote computer
A process that takes place on a web server before a web pages is returned to the web browser.
Something happening on the server computer, as opposed to the  client or local  computer . Usually it is a program or command  or other application producing  interactivity such as dynamic pages or animation.