Definitions for "server manager"
Keywords:  iplanet, reboot, aaa, netware, dba
The goal of this project is to write a user interface to manage system services for office workers who don't know how to log on a *x system and restart a hanging daemon or reboot it.
The administration server for a iPlanet server product.
A Web-based graphical user interface which provides an interface between an administrator and the AAA servers. In addition to creating, modifying, and deleting entries in many of the server's configuration files, an administrator may start and stop the AAA server, access the server's status and system time, retrieve information from accounting and session logs, and terminate sessions.
Keywords:  wand, dialog, logins, cookie, adjust
Dialog where you can adjust cookie settings and Wand logins.
An application used to view and administer domains, workgroups, and computers.