Definitions for "Server farm"
Keywords:  workload, farm, cluster, backup, rack
It is a group of computers acting as servers and housed together in a single location
This is a group of servers, usually located in a secure area, and sometimes collocated at an ISP. These servers all serve a generic purpose and have some sort of load balanced across them. If one server in the farm dies, business carries on as usual. If performance is slow, you add more servers.
Also called a server cluster. Group of real servers that provide various applications and services.
Keywords:  sprawl
Keywords:  wazoo, dense, packing, melting, down
a dense packing of servers into a building, with air conditioning out the wazoo to keep it all from melting down
a collection of high-end servers that have large storage capacities and are used to store database as well as data from the local networks
a collection of many computers dedicated as servers
A collection of servers dedicated to the same tasks. Multiple servers increase transaction flow and provide higher fault-tolerance.
an enterprise that houses hundreds or thousands of server computers that are leased to other companies
a network of computer systems
Reference to a physical place in a network where mission critical computers performing server functions are housed
Secure facility that hosts a large number of Web servers. See also Internet Data Center.
Multiple systems working together to offer specific services.