Definitions for "Server Application"
(1) An application running on a network server that works in tandem with a client workstation or PC application. (See also client application.) (2) In object linking an embedding, the application in which the linked object originates.
An application that responds to Apple events requesting a service or information sent by client applications or scripting components (for example, by printing a list of files, checking the spelling of a list of words, or performing a numeric calculation). Apple event servers and clients can reside on the same local computer or on remote computers connected to a network.
An application that can create OLE items for use by container applications. Data in a server application can usually be copied, using the Clipboard or a drag-and-drop procedure, so that a container application can paste the data as an embedded or linked item. An application can be both a container and a server. See also container application, mini-server application.