Definitions for "Serge"
Keywords:  twill, worsted, woolen, woollen, rayon
A woolen twilled stuff, much used as material for clothing for both sexes.
a smooth faced 2x2 twill weave fabric. Traditionally of wool but may be of other fibers. Used for trousers, suitings.
A regular twill woven cloth with worsted (combed) warps and woollen (carded) wefts.
Square Co., Ltd. computer role-playing game Chrono Cross. He is an uncomplicated youth from Arni Village, a small fishing town on the south part of the El Nido Archipelago's central island. Ten years prior to the events of Chrono Cross, Serge's father mysteriously disappeared, and Serge had an unfortunate incident in which he nearly drowned.
Keywords:  sewing, term
The term used for sewing on a serger.
A large wax candle used in the ceremonies of various churches.