Definitions for "Serenity "
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Serenity is a 2005 science fiction space western/epic film written and directed by Joss Whedon. It is set in the universe of the cancelled FOX science fiction television series Firefly, taking place approximately two months after the events of the final episode.In the film, Mal says that Simon and River have been on the ship for 8 months. In the Firefly episode "Trash", Mal says that he first encountered Saffron "bout a half year back".
"Serenity" was the original two-hour series pilot for the Firefly science-fiction television series created by Joss Whedon. However, FOX executives were not satisfied with this as a pilot, and so instead, "The Train Job" was created to be the pilot. "Serenity" was not aired until the end of the series's run.
Serenity is a fictional spaceship originally featured in the science fiction television series Firefly. It has also appeared in the comic book series and the film Serenity.
The quality or state of being serene; clearness and calmness; quietness; stillness; peace.
Calmness of mind; eveness of temper; undisturbed state; coolness; composure.
Serenity is a reflection of peace of mind and wisdom. His/her wisdom is steady whose senses are under control. A person of self-control, moving among objects with his/her senses under restraint, and free attachment and hatred, attains serenity of mind. In that serenity there is an end of all sorrow; for the intelligence of a person of serene mind soon becomes steady.
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Serenity was the second album by Culture Beat. The line up changes with Tania Evans becoming the new singer, Jay Supreme remains the rapper. Culture Beat's last hit single was "No Deeper Meaning" and after two years Culture Beat scores their next hit, "Mr.
Serenity (born October 29 1969) is an erotic dancer and pornographic actress. She is sometimes credited as Serenity Wilde.
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Name of Maharaji's present yacht.
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a smuggling ship
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A CGI chatroom that is relatively small in size but does not skimp on the features.
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an official AA On line Intergroup member
a disposition free from stress or emotion
the absence of mental stress or anxiety
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a closed, womens AA e-mail meeting
a closed, women's AA e-mail meeting