Definitions for "SER"
see smooth endoplasmic reticulum
smooth endoplasmic reticulum. Region of the endoplasmic reticulum not associated with ribosomes; involved in the synthesis of lipids.
smooth endoplasmic reticulum. a system of membranous tubes and sacs that functions in lipid synthesis.
Servicio de Estacionamiento Regulado
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Spazio Europeo della Ricerca
The soft error rate is the frequency of errors caused by alpha particles, cosmic radiation) and other factors which do not permanently damage the memory system.
A bar code verification term. Substitution error rate. The rate of occurrence of incorrect characters.
Substitution error rate. The rate of occurrence of incorrect characters from an automatic identification system.
ious and con structive; scholarly. A focus on serious literary criticism or the like. Usage: Occasionally has connotations of "pretentious" or "boring". (2) SerCon: An annual American convention held in a different city each year and dedicated to sf as literature.
Statement of Environmental Review. A document prepared by DEQ and provided to the loan recipient when the Environmental Assessment indicated that significant adverse environmental impacts would not occur as a result of the project or that adverse environmental impacts had been eliminated by changes to the project. Upon receipt, the loan recipient issues Public Notice of the Statement of Environmental Review and a 30 day public comment period is provided. If there is no public response or if adverse comments are satisfactorily addressed DEQ will issue an Approval of the Statement of Environmental Review and the VCWRLF environmental review requirement is fulfilled. However, if significant adverse comments are received during the public notice period the loan recipient must prepare an Environmental Impact Statement ( EIS )
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Suzuki European Renaissance
The stock symbol for Sempra Energy, the parent company of San Diego Gas & Electric Co. and Southern California Gas Co. On the Internet at
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see seer (above).
RGS split event reconstruction (selectable mode)
Services, Employment Redevelopment (for Spanish speaking people)
SIP Express Router, fast and flexible SIP server. Detailed description
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South Eastern Railway
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Steam Enhanced Remediation
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Serial interface
Building Knowledge-Intensive Service Industries
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Part Serial Number
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See Series.