Definitions for "Sequencer"
A device which steps through a series of events. A digital sequencer may record keyboard data, program changes, or realtime modulation data to be played back later much like a tape recorder or player piano. Digital sequencers use memory on the basis of events (key on, key off, etc.) while a tape recorder uses memory (tape) on the basis of time.
A software program used to play MIDI files.
Computer-based system for the recording, editing and replay of MIDI music compositions.
An apparatus used for deciphering the order of bases in a strand of DNA.
Device placed on the body to temporarily stabilize DNA.
(chemistry) an apparatus that can determine the sequence of monomers in a polymer
an electronic stenographer (secretary)
a small electronic box that tests keypad combinations at high speed
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The window that displays Scene objects as they appear over time. Each object is displayed on its own time track as a color-coded timebar and positioned using the mouse. Other methods of adjusting timebars include auto-sequence, auto-sequence to markers, snap to end and snap to Current Time.
a construct that allows more general control flows to be programmed
a construct that is provided to give high-level programming languages some of this flexibility
an incredibly powerful program that will do more things than even I'll end up using in my lifetime
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Serial Serial ATA
a multiprocessor, high-performance, computational unit that handles real-time experiment control tasks
a process to which all messages are sent before being multicast so that the sequencer can assign and identifier to each message before sending
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Minor Sequencer, Spell Sequencer or Spell Trigger.
an excellent option for educational use, and it's also worth the extra cost
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A machine which puts items of information into a particular order, e.g., it will determine whether A is greater than, equal to, or less than B, and sort or order accordingly.
A DX tool that allows for creation of "animated" sequences of images.
A component for detection that changes shape, form, or resistance when a condition changes.
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a component within a job sequence