Definitions for "SEPIa"
The common European cuttlefish.
A genus comprising the common cuttlefish and numerous similar species. See Illustr. under Cuttlefish.
A pigment prepared from the ink, or black secretion, of the sepia, or cuttlefish. Treated with caustic potash, it has a rich brown color; and this mixed with a red forms Roman sepia. Cf. India ink, under India.
SEPIa a �t� d�velopp� tout d'abord � l'Universit� de Poitiers , pendant un stage de fin de certificat du CNAM. SEPIa permet un inventaire pr�ci
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Sepia Serigraphy - Silkscreen
Sepia Magazine was a black-owned photojournalistic magazine styled like Life and sometimes compared to Ebony. It was published in Fort Worth, Texas. It featured articles based primarily on the achievements of African Americans.
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type genus of the Sepiidae
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Sepia is a song by the Manic Street Preachers.
SEPIA is a computer package that is used to keep information about CPA (see definition).