Definitions for "Separations"
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The result of extracting the four process colours (CMYK) in a photograph onto four separate plates for reproduction on a printing press.
Usually in the four-colour process arena, separate film holding images of one specific colour per piece of film. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Can also separate specific PMS colours through film.
Individual sheets of paper or film, each containing exactly one of the colors that will be used to reproduce the page on press. When a page is sent to an IMAGESETTER, the page is usually sent as separations. A job which will be printed in CMYK is sent to the imagesetter as four pages: one for Cyan, one for Magenta, one for Yellow, and one for Black. If the job uses SPOT COLORS, one page will be printed for each spot color being used.
In telephone ratemaking, the procedures used to allocate costs of a utility's expenses and investment in plant between interstate and intrastate jurisdiction.
The process by which telephone property costs, revenues, expenses, taxes and reserves are assigned between interstate operations, subject to the jurisdiction of the FCC, and intrastate operations, subject to the jurisdiction of a state regulatory body.
a manufacturer and supplier of chromatography products for separation of peptides, proteins, polynucleotides and other smaller molecules
a leader in innovative liquid chromatographic methods and develops monolithic materials
Steps and movements in a program where dance couples or pair teams are not holding onto each other while skating. Restricted in dance events, unrestricted in pair events.
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Separations is the third album by the British pop band Pulp. It was released in 1992.
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the act or process or separating one from another.