Definitions for "Sentient being"
sattva. A sentient being is generally defined as any living creature which has developed enough consciousness and awareness to experience feelings, particularly suffering. This generally includes all animal life and excludes botanical life forms. These then are the object of Buddhist ethics and compassion. The religious order exists in a larger sense not simply to aid its membership in their own personal liberation but also to function within the world to improve the conditions of life for all sentient beings.
a continuum of little births and little deaths every moment, and this process, this continuum is extended to the next existence when death occurs in this life and rebirth occurs in the next existence
A phrase used by animal rights activists to suggest that cows, chickens, pigs, and ducks have a human-like capacity for thinking, feeling, and understanding the world around them. The radical group Farm Sanctuary has used this wording to win passage of symbolic proclamations in over 60 U.S. cities and towns, each one claiming that since farm animals are "sentient," humans have "an ethical obligation" to refrain from causing them any "pain and suffering." Since slaughtering animals for food inevitably entails bloodshed, the implication is that "Babe" the pig shouldn't be eaten. Period.
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A being who has not yet reached enlightenment.
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a union between a non-material soul-being, YOU, and a biological organism
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a being such that it is like something to be that being