Definitions for "Sentences"
declarative - A sentence that makes a statement. exclamatory - A sentence that makes a vehement statement or conveys strong or sudden emotion. imperative - A sentence that expresses a command or request. interrogative - A sentence that asks a question or makes an inquiry.
Emacs has commands for moving by or killing by sentences. See section T.2 Sentences.
Emacs has commands for moving by or killing by sentences. See section 20.3 Sentences.
The maximum sentence on first conviction for: - ABH 5 years imprisonment Arson Life imprisonment Blackmail 14 years imprisonment Burglary (aggravated) Life imprisonment Burglary (dwelling) 14 years imprisonment Burglary (non-dwelling) 10 years imprisonment Criminal Damage 14 years imprisonment Criminal Damage endangering life Life imprisonment GBH 5 years imprisonment GBH with intent Life imprisonment Handling stolen goods 14 years imprisonment Manslaughter (Involuntary) Life imprisonment Manslaughter (Voluntary) Life imprisonment Murder (mandatory sentence) Life imprisonment Obtaining Property by Deception 10 years imprisonment Rape Life imprisonment Robbery Life imprisonment Theft 7 years imprisonment
The Four Books of Sentences (Libri Quattuor Sententiarum) is Peter Lombard's seminal work, on which his reputation rests. Not a work of original theory, it was rather a systematic compilation of theology, written around 1150. It became a standard university textbook, and the subject of many scholastic commentaries.
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a package of language that may or may not contain enough information to derive meaning (ie. context is important)
a word or a group of words expressing a complete example