Definitions for "Sensual"
Pertaining to, consisting in, or affecting, the sense, or bodily organs of perception; relating to, or concerning, the body, in distinction from the spirit.
Hence, not spiritual or intellectual; carnal; fleshly; pertaining to, or consisting in, the gratification of the senses, or the indulgence of appetites; wordly.
Devoted to the pleasures of sense and appetite; luxurious; voluptuous; lewd; libidinous.
is the term for a perfume with an erotically-stimulating effect. An accentuated portion of animalic components and exotic blossom notes is usually to be found in such perfumes. Properly used, many perfumes can produce pleasant emotions and moods, since the sense of smell is directly connected with the part of the brain in which feelings and sexual behavior are controlled.
a response to the visual, aural, kinesthetic and/or olfactory aspects of objects or events with a special focus upon sexual connotations.
sexually exciting or gratifying; "sensual excesses"; "a sultry look"; "a sultry dance"
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Observations thru the senses as perceived in the sensual mind, like anything seen thru the five senses.