Definitions for "sensors"
Is a program that shows the values of the sensors of the hardware components like the CPU temperature , voltage , fan speeds , etc.
Sensors are used to measure physical quantities such as temperature, light, pressure, sound, and humidity. They send signals to the processor. !-- if (brFam = 6) { var currJargon = document.getElementById("sensors_Container"); = "none"; = "absolute";
Sources of observations, in arbitrary form; for example, Snort or syslog.
The Bio-Innergy Field Sensors in the Genesis table are solid-state devices designed to detect and interpret changes in the body's Bio-Innergy Field. In response to these changes, the signals are processed and sent to a computer where the Interactive Software converts the data to control codes so that the client's Bio-Innergy Field can effect the musical environment.
a device that responds to a particular stimulus and transmits a resulting impulse (Webster).
These measure the position and/or acceleration of the Satellite, and transmit this information to the ground controllers via the beacon signal.
"[ Tram01]Sensors provide the interface for the system to the real world and they are used to import external device data into an application"
Mechanisms or Functions that act to change objects in response to multiple devices connected to lights, objects, viewpoints, etc., in the real world.
Sensors & sensor manufacturers; including proximity sensors & photoelectric sensor manufacturers.
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