Definitions for "Sense of place"
a curious phrase for me - and I envision you smelling, sensing, touching, feeling, hearing, even tasting - the smells, sense of being, foods, people - to see whether you can really 'see' them - both in your eyes, but also through their own - i hope
a feeling of affinity with the physical environment
an affinity with the physical environment
A consciousness of one's physical surroundings or collective awareness of place expressed in cultural forms. Sense of place is generally associated with one's neighborhood, community, city or region.
an understanding and appreciation of the place in which I live and the web of connections between it and its inhabitants
a sense of the beauty and the wealth of phenomena that comprise a particular place
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a website for the Hawaii interior design book by Mary Philpotts McGrath and Kaui Philpotts featuring award winning interior designs
a virtual immersion that depends on lived experience and a topographical intimacy
a digitisation initiative funded under the New Opportunities Fund (NOF) - Digitise Programme
a program that provided participants with the opportunity to learn about the historical figures for whom the District's schools have been named
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a big part of my artistic impetus
a collection of stories, reminiscences, personal histories, comments and ideas about what Northern Ireland means to you
a way of embracing humanity among all of its neighbors
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a companion to Time Goes By - a
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a sense of worth
a disappearing resource in America today
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the essential character and spirit of an area.
a writing course which tests the boundaries of traditional English education
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a personal thing