Definitions for "Selling"
The art of making your opponents move and the emotion of the match seem real, selling is basically the art of looking hurt, pissed off or anything else that's supposed to come across, short term selling can be bumping hard for impacts or looking like your cartilage is being ripped from your bones in a submission, whereas long term selling can range from limping to sell an injury to showing emotion.
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communicating directly with prospective customers to assess and satisfy their needs (p. 7)
Supplying packaging materials to the end user of that packaging. Selling is not only performed by a retailer. Any business, including a wholesaler, could have a selling obligation on packaging if their customer removes any of the packaging sent to them (this is often transit packaging).
the exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money
The act of disposing of a product in exchange for money.
The marketing functions that encourage consumers to purchase goods and services.