Definitions for "Seller"
The person or business entity that owns, holds title to, and consigns the items or lots offered for sale in a WWA Online auction.
An entity that offers nutrient credits for sale.
a listing tool made for eBay auctions
Also known as the option writer or grantor. The sale of an option may be in connection with either an opening transaction or closing transaction.
Also known as the option writer or grantor. The seller of an option is subject to a potential obligation if the buyer chooses to exercise the option.
A person who takes a short futures position or grants (sells) a commodity option. An option seller is also called a marker, grantor, or granter, or writer.
An enterprise, establishment, organization or a natural person-entrepreneur selling goods under the contract for sale
An enterprise that arranges for the supply transaction of goods/services with other enterprises.
Registered User or a Member of the SaHaR IT that intends to sell Termination Services.
Individual or entity who owns the insurance policy being sold.
Entity that has legal possession (ownership) or any interest, benefits or rights inherent to the real or personal property.
Also known as the Vendor, the one selling the property.
A person who makes a transfer of title to real estate.
a person that places an advertisement to sell a plant or gardening related product on the site
a person who sells dogs directly to the public
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See transferor and annuitant
The name of the party which sold the property to the subseowner.
A party who sells a Metal Building System with or without its erection or other field work.
Party selling merchandise to a buyer.
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See consignor.
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a salesman, not your best friend
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a wholly owned division of Alphabet Software, LLC, a privately owned and operated business in New York, NY
For purposes of the list maintenance requirement, a seller is: Any organizer, underwriter, broker, or dealer (or other similar person) who transfers any interest in a tax shelter. Any agent who negotiates the transfer of any interest in a tax shelter for the tax shelter, an organizer, or other person described in (1). Any investor (not described in (1)) who transfers any interest in a tax shelter, or Any other person who receives consideration in connection with another person's right to participate in a tax shelter, for services necessary to the organization or structure of such tax shelter (other than services that do not constitute participation in the organization or management of a tax shelter under Treasury Regulation section 301.6111-1T), or for information that is integral to the participation in such tax shelter.
A market participant that disposes of financial instruments.
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a proven way to achieve higher bids and
take-back: An agreement in which the owner of a property provides financing, often in combination with an assumable mortgage.
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provider (SP) (usually female)
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One who sells.