Definitions for "Self-esteem"
The holding a good opinion of one's self; self-complacency.
A sense of worth; a good feeling about oneself and one's abilities. Someone with strong self-esteem feels respected, valued, and able to do things successfully and independently.
An overall evaluation of the self regarding a sense of worth. A person with a positive self-concept generally likes and feels good about who they are.
A person's evaluation of his or her self-concept.
The evaluative aspect of the self-concept. go to glossary index
In the perception of self, the self-concept considered as a whole, taking into account all its various dimensions.
a positive sense of self that is essential to personal wellbeing and individual vitality. Sense of mastery—The extent to which people have control over their own lives.
The way a person thinks about her/himself.
the key to a person's behaviour. It influences thinking processes, emotions, desires, values and goals.
Individuals' degree of liking or disliking of themselves. 46