Definitions for "Selenium Requirement"
The Condition"...Concerning immune functions: "Supplementation with selenium, even in 'selenium-replete' individuals, has marked immunostimulant effects, including an enhancement of proliferation of activated T-cells (clonal expansion)..."
The Condition"...People taking the selenium supplements had 71% fewer prostate cancers, 67% fewer esophageal cancers, 62% fewer colorectal cancers and 46% fewer lung cancers than the people who were taking the placebos..."
The Condition"...People in this study were given either a placebo or selenium supplements of 200mcg (three times their normal intake) which were made up of selenium enriched yeast, an organic form of selenium as distinguished from most other supplements that are inorganic and may not have the same effect..."
The Condition"...] Other research has found effects of correcting selenium deficiency on mental status, tiredness, and mood - and possibly on cardiovascular disease, although findings here have been mixed, perhaps because some of the trials included very few people with selenium deficiency..."
The Condition"..." Pancreatitis: "In a small controlled trial in Rostock, Germany, intravenous administration of selenium to patients with acute necrotising pancreatitis reduced mortality from 89% in controls to zero in..."