Definitions for "Selector"
A pointer, pointing device, or selection cursor.
A segment identifier, used in 80x86 protected mode to provide a virtual address that maps to a physical address stored in a descriptor table. There are two such descriptor tables: the local descriptor table (LDT) and the global descriptor table (GDT).
a memory pointer that is consumed with each memory allocation made by a Windows application
Element that specifically defines the criteria to be applied to packets of a particular class in order to select that traffic from the network stream. You define selectors in the filter clause of the IPQoS configuration file.
A mechanism for designating the following: Part of a data object (an array element or section, a substring, a derived type, or a structure component) The set of values for which a CASE block is executed
The portion of a rule that determines which elements (if any) will be styled by the associated declaration block. Selectors can be very simple or highly complicated; a simple example is h1 or div#help p (this last is an example of a descendant selector). Multiple selectors can be grouped together in the same rule by separating them with commas, as in: h1, h2, h3.
A librarian responsible for selecting new titles and authorizing purchases within designated subject areas. Also known as a bibliographer or collection development librarian.
A librarian who decides what materials the libraries will acquire. Selectors may be heads of special libraries or subject collections, reference librarians, or bibliographers whose primary function is selection.
an aid to help UK investors decide how to utilise their Individual Savings Account annual allowance
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The identifier used by an OSI entity to distinguish among multiple SAPs at which it provides services to the layer above. See port.
A device which selects from separate power sources at two input ports and directs the selected source to a single output port.
A sequence of octets (bytes) used to identify a SAP; referred to as p- selector, s-selector, and t-selector to identify the OSI layer association.
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A string of characters used to specify a menu item to a Gopher server. Analagous to a URL.
alg. sem.] Conceptually, the inverse of a constructor; a function whose parameter is a complex sign and whose value is one or more of the (lower- level) signs from which it was constructed. For example, a selector might take a menu as a parameter and "return" its first item.
a class that offers methods for selecting and deselecting single DisplayElements or groups of DisplayElements
The name of a method; the portion of a message that determines which of the receiver's methods will be invoked.
In the Objective-C language, the name of a method when it's used in a source-code message to an object, or the unique identifier that replaces the name when the source code is compiled. Compiled selectors are of type SEL.
Cacheability can be evaluated against the following attributes: URL of documents HTTP request method of documents Body of an HTTP POST method
A parameter used on WHEN access control records. The selector provides criteria upon which VM:Webgateway evaluates a request for data.
An electrical device, driven by the elevator, which simulates elevator movements.
an APEX device which has ageneral affinity for DNA
a person who chooses or selects out
In a double-barreled firearm, the selector is a device to allow the shooter to choose the barrel used by the first pull of the trigger. In full automatic firearms, it is the lever that chooses between semi-automatic and automatic firing and between a high and low rate of automatic firing.
Sitraka speaker stop bit synchronized
a switch that is used to select among alternatives
When an electric guitar has more than one pickup, there's usually a switch, called a selector, that lets you select each of them separately, or two or more in combination.
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a configurable, multi-purpose record / value selection form that can be used in your Microsoft Access application to select a record prior to opening a form, or return a value for insertion into a text or combo box
a data value or set of data values which indicates which entry point of which lump will be executed when a very large routine is called
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a Boolean expression
See Selected_component..
See selected component.
a procedure that returns the component of a composite value at a given position
Graphical file selector interface for the GP2X handheld console
an administrator responsible for selecting which players will represent and play for a cricket side.
an operation that tells us something about the state of an object, but cannot, by definition, change the state of the object
a rectangular area that serves as a container where you can place Page objects
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a stable system capable of selecting variation
a service that uses data fields to select the correct implementation
a condition attached to a HTML structure
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selector is the name of a send-operation or get-operation.
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See selector code.
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a person involved in the selection process
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One who selects.