Definitions for "Selective"
Applied to a trade policy, this means one that affects only some countries, not all, in contrast to MFN policy. Selectivity is an important concern in the use of safeguards, which countries often would prefer to make selective but are required by GATT Article XIX to be nondiscriminatory.
Selecting; tending to select.
tending to select; characterized by careful choice; "an exceptionally quick and selective reader"- John Mason Brown
characterized by very careful or fastidious selection; "the school was very selective in its admissions"
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the intentional termination of one or more gestational sacs within the uterus, usually in the case of a high-order multiple pregnancy (quadruplets or more);
a sign, normally a letter of the Roman alphabet, which actually resembles in appearance and behavior the (bound) individual variable of the ordinary predicate calculus
Media which, unlike mass media, reach only small and identifiable groups of people, for example, members of a particular profession or industry or other groups defined by geographic, demographic or psychographic data (otherwise known as targeted media).
Picking Harvesting method in which only ripe cherries are carefully hand-picked. occurs primarily at higher altitudes where cherries do not ripen simultaneously, thus requiring selective picking spanning several weeks.
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a Proper Name met with by the Interpreter for the first time