Definitions for "Selected"
Definition: Use these terms to describe the on or off state of a binary choice in a dialog. Usage: Normal text rules. Example: The default state of the Display tooltips option is unselected. Note: Do not use deselected for a binary option that is switched off. Do not use unselect when you refer to switching off a binary option. Use deselect instead.
Councils with orange shading have been selected and relate to the information displayed in the text box
typically, before you can do something to text or an object like a folder or file, you must "select" it. Usually, you do this by clicking on it (if it is a folder) or dragging across it (if it is text). When something is selected, it usually appears blue, black, or inverse. There are many ways to select text in a document that can save time. See " Selecting Text Using the Mouse."
Clicking on a point of a polygon to highlight that polygon and make it ready for manipulation. Also, the selection of an item on a menu or requestor.
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adjective बढियà¤3/4, अब्बल general
Proposal status indicating NASA has selected this proposal for consideration of an award.
a graduate with a generic understanding of customer service and excellent communication skills
A channel or group of channels that responds to manual control is said to be selected.
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chosen in preference to another