Definitions for "Seizures"
(SEE-zhurz) -- Convulsions; sudden, involuntary movements of the muscles.
Relatively brief episodes of neurologic derangement caused by abnormal bursts of electrical activity within the brain; also called convulsions or fits.
There may be mild seizures in which the child "tunes out" but does not have any physical spasms.
A person having a seizure may abruptly "freeze," fall and shake violently, or simply fall down. Seizures affect about half of all people with cerebral palsy but are usually not harmful.
Property, including cash, real estate, vehicles, etc., used or acquired through illegal activities, that is confiscated by law enforcement officials. A decision is made by a court or civil authority regarding the disposition of the seized property.
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an issue that really matters
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The act or an instance of seizing or the condition of being seized.
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See Seizure.