Definitions for "Seizure"
Abnormal brain-wave activity causing changes in behavior, sometimes as severe as convulsions or epileptic "fits".
A sudden spell of abnormal nervous activity in the brain, such as those that occur in epilepsy.
A condition when the brain fires electrical impulses at a rate up to four times higher than normal. Patterns of repeated seizures are referred to as epilepsy or Seizure Disorders. A seizure can be mild and brief, such as in many petit mal seizures where an individual may appear to have been daydreaming momentarily. Or they can be more dramatic as in the violent uncontrollable contraction of a group of muscles and unconsciousness.
Retention within one's grasp or power; hold; possession; ownership.
That which is seized, or taken possession of; a thing laid hold of, or possessed.
To take possession of forcibly, to grasp, to snatch, or to put into possession.
a paroxysmal alteration in behaviour due to various causes
a paroxysmal disorder of the CNS characterized by
The taking of items, usually by police of items found in a search which are to be used as evidence of an offence• Police Powers• Warrants
Closer cooperation between EU police and customs officials has lead to more seizures of illegal drugs, firearms, laundered money, contraband alcohol and tobacco and paedophile material. (See Organised crime)
The act of taking physical evidence or property by authority of the law.
an alarming thing for an owner to see if they've never witnessed it before," says Holliday
a strange thing as it there is no warning, it storms through the body, and the victim is left dazed and confused
a terrifying thing to watch
the act of taking of a person by force
Any taking into possession, custody, or control. Property may be seized, but so may people. An arrest is one form of seizure.
the taking of property or the taking of a person for arrest or investigation.
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Seizure (1974) is the directorial debut of Oliver Stone, who also co-wrote the screenplay.
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Roman emperor
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a civil action designed to remove violative goods from consumer channels
a civil court action against a specific quantity of goods whereby FDA seeks to remove these goods from commercial channels
a scary sight, especially if it is prolonged
The freezing up or seizing of movable parts can be caused by excess heat or cold or improper lubrication and can prevent them from performing their designated task.
The interception of a debtorâ€(tm)s assets (e.g. vehicles). Seized assets may be sold and applied towards a debtor's maintenance arrears.
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Jerky movements that a person cannot control.
a comprehensive tool that allows PDA data to be acquired, viewed, and reported on, all within a Windows environment
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a legal action, the result of which calls for certain goods taken from offenders to become the property of the Government of Canada
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a very unusual reaction to the drug
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a temporary loss of control that is often accompanied
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a symptom, not a disease
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a single act, and not a continuous fact")
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a possibility