Definitions for "seek"
Keywords:  inquire, beseech, solicit, ask, local
To inquire for; to ask for; to solicit; to beseech.
inquire for; "seek directions from a local"
Seek is an application that allows you to quickly search through files on your computer. It is similar to a desktop search application, however it is much faster than existing desktop search applications, and only searches filenames, not within files.
To go in search of; to look for; to search for; to try to find.
To try to acquire or gain; to strive after; to aim at; as, to seek wealth or fame; to seek one's life.
Journey of priesthood which begins with a Delvian's choice to become a P'au.
Singular Evolutive Extended Kalman
Keywords:  sierra, tuner, disk, find, read
the movement of a read/write head to a specific data track on a disk
A feature that allows a tuner to find the next strong signal, up or down the band.
To position the read head of a mass storage unit in the correct location to read a particular file or piece of information. On a CD ROM drive, this generally requires also altering the rotational speed. Because seeking data on a CD ROM is time-consuming when compared to seeking on magnetic-disk media, the number of seeks required to find the desired information is an important determinant of overall CD ROM system performance. The High Sierra Group's proposed file format and directory structure provide for opening any file on a CD ROM disc with only one or two seeks. (7/96)
Keywords:  eligible, players, play, offer
an offer to eligible players to play
Keywords:  towards, liquid, own, level
go to or towards; "a liquid seeks its own level"
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