Definitions for "Seeds"
See nuts and seeds.
Tiny, slender radioactive metal pellets that are implanted into the prostate gland to deliver brachytherapy for prostate cancer.
Radioactive pellets implanted in the prostate to destroy cancerous growth.
Selected fictitious names inserted in a direct mailing to track quality and to safeguard against unauthorized mailings. Also see Decoy.
Sometimes called sleepers or decoys, they are records placed within target audience to ensure correct usage of data.
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bodies of plants used for reproduction
small body made by flowering plants which is capable of growing into a new plant
kakano The first life stage of plant that will eventually grow into an adult plant.
Small, undesirable particles or granules other than dust found in a paint, varnish, or lacquer.
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Minute bubbles in float glass less than 1/32" in diameter.
Minute bubbles of gas, usually occurring in groups.
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See “Radiation Sources.