Definitions for "secured loan"
A loan which is backed by assets belonging to the borrower in order to decrease...
a type of loan where an asset, usually a property, is used to guarantee repayment.
A loan that is secured upon free equity or collateral that will be at risk should the borrower fail to keep up their repayments as agreed.
a great way to reestablish credit or provide immediate cash while still maintaining all rights to your stock and its options
a means of releasing equity from your home
a quick and convenient way to plug a short term financial need, for example, to go on holiday or extend or improve your home
a good alternative to remortgaging
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Self Certification Mortgage | Stamp Duty | Structural Survey | Standard Variable Rate
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a monetary advance
an ideal source of extra finance for homeowners
The borrower is using all or part of the value of his /her property as security in the event repayments are not made.
an advance of money that you borrow from a financial institution, such
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Secured Party
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